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Roz, Tanunda Pines Golf Club

I’ve loved the challenge and found time to practice – it’s called purposeful practice – which is important to do and has been a component of my success.

We’ve had group lessons on course and around greens and bunkers. I’ve had individual lessons suited to my standard and ability to absorb and focus on feedback.

We’re all built differently and swing differently. One amazing shot last year can’t be relied upon as my preferred “8 out of 10” shot now.

THE most amazing thing I have found is that the stress is no longer there. Any bad shot or poor score on game day does not linger. Brian wants to see my “report card” after each match. He can analyse quickly what’s happening.


Lisa, Kew Golf Club

Michael, Kew Golf Club

I recently participated in Brian Gardner’s Coaching Program.  The program for me was productive and very enjoyable. The centrepiece of the 10 week program is the Player Improvement Plan where goals are set, weaknesses are identified  and actions taken to improve in those areas.   The program identifies “10 Keys to Scoring” and plans are developed for the participants to improve in these Key areas. An important and very effective element is the Practice Plan where practice goals are set ensuring the practice always has a purpose.  Brian’s provides coaching advice during then course of the Program.


For me the program produced success in that I reduced my GA from 6.8 to 5.8.

Dianne, Kew Golf Club

I participated in Brian’s series of golf lessons at Kew. He provided a new approach to the game which made me think more about course management and shotmaking. I feel that my game has improved as a result although my handicap has not reduced. I did manage to win a monthly medal.

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Peter, Tanunda Pines Golf Club

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